REBSEA=Real Estate Agents helping Non-Profits 

People love to do business with Realtors who Give Back to their communities.    REBSEA has created an easy and worthwhile way for Realtors to support   Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs).   REBSEA members are leaders in their communities and each is an inspiring story of how Realtors can make a difference.   Please consider this roster of REBSEA Founders and Charter Members when you have referrals to the areas they service.    By sending business their way you are also Giving Back through their charitable giving.   We are looking for Charter Members in any and all of the geographic areas where we do not yet have a member. Please see our current list of members at    REBSEA Members.  We will soon be launching our Member Directory with full profiles illustrating the commitment to Real Estate Social Enterprise by our membership.  For information please contact us at info@rebsea.org or at 855 352 4973.   This is an idea whose time has come.



 Our next phase is the establishment of partnerships with Non Profit Organizations. A long list of NPOs across the U.S. and Canada will be alerting their supporters that whenever they, or anybody they know, is going to buy or sell a property, that if they go into our Member Directory and work with one of our members that a donation will be made at closing to a non-profit organization.  You can see a partial list of the NPOs that our members have already donated millions of dollars to on the REBSEA website, www.rebsea.org.    As Realtors we routinely give referral fees for business that 'we otherwise would not have'.  Why would we not make a donation to a NPO chosen by one of their supporters for business that we also 'otherwise would not have'?    A simple idea and only GOOD can come from it.